I first emailed you guys (girls) on Dec 14, and now we are already live with a site!  I’m blown away!  This site looks great and the feedback is overwhelmingly great, everyone is so impressed with the presentation and keeps saying how great it looks.  You really did a great job!

And I’m seeing first hand the social media aspect, it’s amazing!  And I’m just hitting the tip of the iceberg, I can’t wait until I get a better handle on things and can fully use them to my advantage.

I just wanted to say thank you again, I’m thoroughly impressed with everything!





‎Angela Giovine and Tina Paparone are two of the hardest working people I’ve been around. Take it from another Happenings Owner, this is a great opportunity for the right person/people. Join the Happenings family! 🙂

– Ryan, MontcoHappening.com



Tina, I have to commend you and Angela for the organization and level of quality you have put into this.  The online training is amazing and I have been going over it thoroughly myself…I want everything to meet your level of standards and then some.

– Kristin, PalmBeachHappening.com



I am so fortunate to be able to work closely with Tina as a partner at Happenings Media. Tina has been an extraordinary leader who has taught me so much, over a very short period of time, about marketing and the ever growing and changing world of social media. Tina is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about what she does and offers no hesitation in sharing that knowledge with others. I know Happenings Media will continue to be an enormous success due in part to Tina’s clear vision, understanding of media trends and her tenacious spirit! I would highly recommend Tina and in fact would encourage anyone who has the opportunity, to work along side her.

– Sarah, Editor, CapeCodHappening.com