ShopRite of Yardley Campaign via Bucks Happening

Client: ShopRite 
Marketing Team
: Wakefern Food Corporation on behalf of ShopRite of Yardley
Outlet: Bucks Happening
Goal: To promote a new ShopRite supermarket and their grand opening event in Yardley, Pennsylvania.
How we achieved this: We executed an integrated advertising campaign featuring prominent display advertising paired with engaging native advertising via the digital publication, email newsletters, “Happening TV” videos, and social media.

Display Advertising:

ShopRite Background

This bold Background Takeover let Bucks Happening readers know that a new ShopRite was opening in Yardley, Pennsylvania. Bucks Happening is a local lifestyle publication that exclusively covers the territory of Bucks County, Pennsylvania; the digital publication’s audience is highly localized and significantly female, a target audience for the supermarket chain.   The background takeover ran site-wide for the week preceding the store opening as well as the first week of business.

Native Advertising & Social Media Promotion:

Get Ready to Shop Right with ShopRite
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Happenings Media worked with Wakefern Corporation to create a custom, shareable sponsored article to tell the story behind the new store and share information about unique in-store features. By emphasizing it’s identity as a family-run business with long-standing ties to the community, we told the story of ShopRite as a new, active member of the Yardley community. Key points included:

– A description of the new state-of-the-art 57,000 square foot energy-efficient facility
– An overview of community benefits including job creation and charity support
– ShopRite’s unique understanding of the community as a locally-owned and operated business
– An open call for immediate customer feedback upon opening

The article was read thousands of times, promoted over Bucks Happening’s social media pages, and shared by local readers over their own social media pages over 200 times. It continues to perform well as a search-engine results for “ShopRite of Yardley” related keywords.

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 10.55.30 AM


Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 10.55.43 AM



Bucks County Fall Guide 2014
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Fall is a much-celebrated season in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, where the new ShopRite of Yardley was opening. To capitalize on that excitement, ShopRite of Yardley sponsored the 2014 Bucks County Fall Guide, a highly viewed and shared article. The sponsorship included headline placement and prominently placed copy. The Fall Guide was released on September 1, 2014, just before the ShopRite of Yarldey Grand Opening celebration.

This sponsorship successfully engaged locals, achieving:

– 40,000+ article reads
– 7,000+ reader social media & email shares
– 42,000+ interactions via Bucks Happening’s Facebook fan page, with ShopRite of Yardley tagged
– Local conversations started via Twitter and Facebook groups

ShopRite Fall Guide



ShopRiteTwitterNew in town! ShopRite of Yardley’s Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
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Bucks Happening covered the Grand Opening Ceremony of ShopRite of Yardley, showcasing both photographs and video content to increase reader engagement.

This article generated thousands of views and performed well with targeted search-engine keywords, including  “ShopRite Yardley grand opening”, “ShopRite of Yardley”, “yardley shoprite september 2014”, “events bucks county pa”, & “is the new shoprite open in yardley?”

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 9.57.38 PM



Email Marketing: 

An “Opening Soon” advertisement for ShopRite of Yardley was included as part of a larger e-newsletter sent to Bucks Happening’s email subscribers on August 3, 2014.
Sent: 100,000
Opens: 27,400
Clicks on ShopRite Ad: 149

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 3.06.48 PM

An “Opening Soon” advertisement for ShopRite of Yardley was included as part of a larger e-newsletter sent to Bucks Happening’s email subscribers on August 27, 2014.
Sent: 100,000
Opens: 28,733
Clicks on ShopRite Ad: 276
Clicks on ShopRite BH Article: 497


A “Now Open” advertisement for ShopRite of Yardley was included as part of a larger e-newsletter sent to Bucks Happening’s email subscribers on September 3, 2014.
Sent: 100,000
Opens: 31, 947
Clicks on ShopRite Ad: 68
Clicks on ShopRite Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Article: 103